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Dandelions are an example of one of the weeds that Yardbirds Pest & Lawn treats for.

Weed Control Servicesin the Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK areas.

Our personalized packages involve scheduled weed control applications that will prevent common weeds like Dandelions and Crabgrass from taking over your lawn.

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For residents and commercial property owners of Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK, Yardbirds Pest & Lawn tackles weed prevention and control for you.

Personalized weed control packages are available in the fall and early spring to improve your lawn's health and keep it weed free.

A Yardbirds Pest & Lawn team member is applying a weed control treatment in the backyard of a Norman homeowner.

The first step in combating weeds is to prevent them from even sprouting up in the first place. There are several different strategies you can employ to keep your lawn in good health and weed free.

For starters, the best times of year to actively improve your lawn’s health is in the fall and early spring. This action really is as simple as watering your lawn and having regular fertilization or weed control applications.

You can make weed control even more simple by contacting Yardbirds Pest & Lawn to tackle weed prevention and control for your residential property or commercial property. If you happen to be located in Norman, Moore, or Newcastle in OK, we can personalize a package to meet your lawn care and weed control needs.

Details About Some of Our Weed Control Packages

At Yardbirds Pest & Lawn, we offer lawn weed control packages. One package for lawn weed control involves four blanket sprayings. Two of the application sessions, which are done in the fall, cover pre-winter emergent weeds. Likewise, the two spring sprayings include pre-emergent herbicide with some post-emergent herbicide to handle weeds that emerged during the winter season.

Broadleaf, Crabgrass, & Other Popular Weeds For the Area

So, what kinds of weeds can you find in and around Norman, Moore, or Newcastle? Here is a list of six common weeds:

  • Broadleaf: This non-grass like class of weeds includes: dandelions, ground ivy, and henbit.
  • Nutsedge: This weed is one of the most difficult to control and contain. Nutsedge is typically caused by poor soil drainage.
  • Crabgrass: This weed is particularly rampant during the summer months and grows close to the ground. Early intervention is key in exterminating crabgrass.
  • Dandelions: This weed starts popping up in the spring, and spreads rapidly by early summer. Dandelions deplete your lawn of precious nutrients.
  • Henbit: This weed is common in all types of lawns in the southern Oklahoma City area, and is difficult to eradicate.
  • Dallisgrass: Otherwise known as turf weed, Dallisgrass is toxic to both turfgrass and some animals. This weed grows and spreads quickly.

Factors Towards Determining the Right Weed Control Approaches

Weed control treatment that needs to be applied to a lawn being overtaken by weeds at a home in Moore.

The right weed control approach for you is dependent on two factors: the size of your lawn and how widespread the weeds are. For very small, isolated patches of weeds; pulling them by hand can be your first line of defense. For more widespread issues, contacting our professional team is your best solution.

Call us for a quote on weed control services for your residential or commercial property.

There is no doubt that weeds can be detrimental to your turfgrass and landscape plants. That is why, whether you are the owner of a residential property or of a commercial property, it is important to have us take action with our weed control services before the weeds can take too heavy a toll on both the health and aesthetics of your lawn.

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