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Yardbirds Pest & Lawn terms of service.

Terms of Service

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Yardbirds Pest & Lawn Terms of Service

Thank you for choosing Yardbirds! We appreciate the opportunity to work with you. As part of our commitment to provide the best customer service possible, we send our customers a copy of our policies so you’ll know exactly what to expect from us.


  • You are not under contract. You are free to change or cancel service anytime by calling our office 30 days in advance of the cancellation/change date.  However, for your convenience, all Service Packages automatically renew each year unless we are notified to do otherwise.

Billing and Payments

  • You will receive an emailed or printed invoice the Tuesday following completed service. All payments are due upon receipt.  Credit cards will be charged the Tuesday following service.  Check payments received in the mail will be deposited the Tuesday after they are received.
  • In the event that your credit/debit card is declined, you will receive text and email notifications requesting you to call us at 405-928-8103 or visit http://Yardbirds.ManageAndPayMyAccount.com to update your card information.

Policy for Dogs/Locked Gates

  • If you have pets that stay outside during the day, or a gate that you keep locked, we will gladly add you to our "Call-ahead" list.  Once added to this list, you will receive a text message notification the day before your service.  If you need to reschedule your service, please call our office at (405) 928-8103 and we will gladly find the day that works best.  If the gate is locked, or the dogs are out when we arrive, and no one is home, we will contact you to reschedule. Please see our rescheduling policy. 

Rescheduling Policy

  • In order to uphold our guarantee all rescheduling should be done within three business days from original service date. The exception to this is whether delayed rescheduling. Treatments may be skipped if they are not rescheduled within the three business days which will void your guarantee for the year. 
  • If you are contacted or need to reschedule due to a pet outside or a locked gate please have the service rescheduled within three business days of original service date.

Programs and Prices

  • The Service Confirmation Page you received outlines your Service Package(s), individual treatments included in the Package(s), and the prices quoted at the time the estimate was given. We may have to adjust prices in the future to keep up with rising fuel, product, and overhead costs, so if you ever have any questions about the amount you're being charged, please call us at (405) 928-8103 and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

Standard Package Services

  • The following Service Packages are covered in our 100% satisfaction guarantee: 
  • 7 Application Lawn Weed Control/Fertilizer. 7 Application Flower Bed Weed Control. 
  • 5 Application Flea & Tick Control Package. 3 Application Flea & Tick Prevention Package.
  • 4 Application Home Pest Barrier Package.
  • Mosquito Control Package (10 treatments)
  • Annual Grub Prevention (guaranteed to stop grubs, army worms, and other insects that damage turf by feeding.)


All our STANDARD Package services come with our full, 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means we will re-treat as many times as necessary between regular services to make sure that you are happy and the job is done right. However, there are a couple of things we'd like you to keep in mind:

  • Since weather, soil moisture, and weed species and maturity affect the rate at which weed control products take effect, we ask that customers wait 4-6 weeks after treatment for full results as is recommended by the product labels. 
  • To avoid over-application of products we wait 21 days after a treatment before doing any weed control re-treats.
  • The following problem weeds are difficult to control and may require additional treatments at an extra charge:
    • Dallisgrass
    • Johnson Grass
    • Windmill Grass
    • Goose Grass
    • Quackgrass
    • Rescue Grass
    • Little Barley
    • King Ranch Bluestem
    • Silver Bluestem
    • Field Bindweed
    • Spurge
    • Nutsedge
    • Green Kyllinga
    • For more information and identification help on these problem weeds, please see the following resources:


Our Home Pest Control Barrier Package warranty covers the entire house inside and out.  If we ever need to treat inside, please call us and we'll be glad to set up a time that works best for your family. Our guarantee does not cover infestations of fleas, ticks, bedbugs, or cockroaches inside the home.

Product Information

  • You have the right to know what is applied on your property.  We will gladly provide information regarding the chemical products we use.  Any information you would like to see will be supplied at your request.

If you have any questions about these policies, don't hesitate to call!  We'll be glad to help!