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Mosquitos are known to carry serious diseases such as Zika Virus.

Mosquito Control Servicesin the Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK areas.

Avoid mosquito-born illnesses, such as West Nile and Zika Virus with either season long treatments every 3-4 weeks or one-time treatments.

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Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK communities can take advantage of our preventative mosquito control services.

Season-long and one-time preventative mosquito control treatments allow owners of residential and commercial properties to avoid diseases such as West Nile and Zika Virus.

Preventative mosquito control is a popular service for Yardbirds Pest & Lawn in Norman.

At Yardbirds Pest & Lawn, our goal is to provide your property with a virtually mosquito-free season from April to late September/early October. Mosquitoes are pests that gravitate towards areas of standing water and carry an alarming number of diseases that can be transmitted to humans through a single bite, including:

  • West Nile
  • Zika Virus
  • Malaria
  • Dengue Fever
  • Yellow Fever
  • Chikungunya

Taking a preventative stand to keep mosquitoes off your property will help you maintain a pest-free area. We specialize in services for both residential and commercial properties around the Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK region.

To control your mosquito population, we use a backpack blower to spray the entire property. Treatments are available as a season-long option or as a one-time option, depending on what your property needs.

Season-Long Treatments

Season-long treatments will help prevent and eliminate mosquitoes on your property from April through October. We treat your lawn with our mosquito spray every 3-4 weeks for approximately 10 applications in total.

Our applications go well into late October, or until the first good freeze, to make certain that your pest problem is kept at bay. We also check for standing water sources, such as an ornamental pond or bird bath, and treat them with special tablets that affect mosquitoes.

Our products are safe for all animals and are intended to affect the mosquito population only.

One-Time Treatments

We offer a one-time treatment option. To hear more about these special treatments, you can contact us at (405) 928-8103. We require at least two weeks advance notice for a one-time treatment. During the service, we come to your property and use our spray applicator.

Various Ways to Be Proactive With Mosquito Prevention

While our spray applications are good for 3-4 weeks, it is important to be aware of ways you can help minimize and eliminate mosquitoes on your property. Here are some ways to be proactive in caring for your residential or commercial property, that will help keep your lawn and landscaping mosquito-free:

  • Dump out all standing water. This includes toys, flowerpots, buckets, etc.
  • Eliminate mosquito resting places. Get rid of all tall grass, weeds, and vegetation that are their usual hiding spots.
  • Screen rain barrels, openings to water tanks, and water storage containers.
  • Fill your ornamental ponds with mosquito-eating fish.
  • Clean your gutters out frequently to keep them from being clogged and becoming a mosquito breeding ground.
  • Make sure swimming pools stay clean and free of stagnant water.
  • Replace water in your flowerpots, birdbaths, or other decorative landscaping elements at least two times per week, to keep the water from getting stagnant.

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A backprack sprayer is an example of one of the tools used with mosquito control services in Moore.

Have a mosquito-free year on your property when you invest in routine mosquito control treatments. We offer frequent treatments to keep your lawn and landscaping free and clear of mosquitos, that can do harm to you and become a daily annoyance.

At Yardbirds Pest & Lawn, we want you to enjoy the good weather, when it is here, without having to worry about mosquitos. Call us today at (405) 928-8103 and get a quote for your residential or commercial mosquito control services. We currently serve the communities in and around Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK!

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