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Harmful lawn insects include grubs and an example of a fungal lawn disease would be dollar spot.

Lawn Insect & Disease Control Servicesin the Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK areas.

Whether it is pests such as chinch bugs and grubs, or lawn diseases like spring dead spot and large patch, our lawn insect and disease control treatments will help your turfgrass flourish.

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Prevent damaging pests and lawn diseases common to the Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK area with our lawn insect and disease control services.

The treatment plan we offer will eliminate ants, spiders, and other insects, as well as prevent unsightly dead patches from lawn disease.

Front lawn in Norman suffering the effects of large patch lawn disease.

Our certified lawn care professionals at Yardbirds Pest & Lawn know how to effectively eliminate, prevent, and control damaging pests. Our treatment plan can significantly reduce the presence of insects like ants and spiders that often prefer to move from the exterior, into your home’s interior.

Another affliction for your lawn comes in the form of disease, which can quickly develop large areas of grass discoloration and unsightly dead patches. However, because we are locally based, our team has expertise in the unique challenges that homeowners in the greater Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK area face in protecting their lawn.

We offer trunk injection treatment for trees and protection for plants and decorative shrubs.

Chinch Bugs, Armyworms, & Other Lawn Insects We Can Eliminate

Chinch bug found in the back lawn of a home in Moore.

The harmful lawn insects that we can eliminate and prevent include:

  • Chinch bugs
  • Grubs
  • Fleas & Ticks
  • Ants & Fire Ants
  • Armyworms

Chinch Bugs Turn Your Lawn Brown

These pests extract the moisture from the grass, while spreading a chemical that rapidly turns your lawn brown. Chinch bugs flourish in areas of sun and heat. Their presence is most frequently detected beginning in April and they reproduce up to four times per year. When an infestation is severe, lawns can be ravaged in just a few days.

What Are Grubs

Grubs are the larvae of various beetles and chafers. They are white and eat grassroots. They tend to attract menacing vermin such as raccoons and skunks that dig up your lawn to eat them. An early indication of grubs is when your lawn has a “spongy” feel. Over time, your lawn may be rolled up like carpeting. Preventative treatment is critical to destroy their eggs before hatching.

Fleas & Ticks Spread Rapidly

When untreated, your home’s exterior may be an accommodating breeding area for fleas and ticks. Fleas are capable of producing over 50 eggs per day. These pests cling to people and pets and soon spread inside your home where their biting creates rashes and itchy sores on the skin.

Fire Ants Remove Soil Beneath Grass

Ants are a common interior and exterior problem. Red fire ants are among the most troublesome because of their ability to sting. They remove soil beneath the grass and create surface mounds as they expand their network of tunnels below. They may create colonies that can exceed 250,000 ants.

Armyworms Can Defoliate Lawns

The armyworm is the larvae of a moth that prefers to eat bermudagrass. In large numbers, they are capable of defoliating a lawn in several days. They migrate to the area that includes Norman, Moore, and Newcastle each year from the Gulf Coast and Mexico, and typically arrive by June. Their presence becomes apparent by late summer, as grass and even plants are increasingly being consumed.

Prevention & Common Fungal Lawn Diseases

View from above of a lawn in Newcastle that has a severe fungal disease.

Treatment is necessary to prevent fungal growth and lawn diseases that spread in lawns. Common lawn fungal diseases include:

  • Spring Dead Spot
  • Dollar Spot
  • Large Patch

These harmful fungal lawn diseases flourish in moisture.

An interesting fact is yards that have poor drainage are particularly susceptible to lawn fungal disease.

Call For an Estimate on Lawn Insect & Disease Control Services

Our specialty services include a health care program for plants and various multi-treatment packages, in addition to our standard lawn insect and lawn disease control. Residential and commercial customers are encouraged to contact us today at (405) 928-8103 to receive an estimate for our services.

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