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Firtilization treatment being applied with the use of a company truck and hose.

Fertilization Servicesin the Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK areas.

Our scheduled fertilizer applications provides your lawn and landscape plants with the nutrients they need in order to promote growth and maintain their health.

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Fertilizer applications available to residents and commercial customers within the Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK

Promote growth, maintain health, and eliminate weeds from your lawn with the consistent, scheduled fertilization applications we offer.

This homeowner in Norman has a healthy lawn and landscape, because of scheduled fertilization treatments.

First and foremost, fertilizer gives all plants the necessary ingredients for photosynthesis. In addition, regular fertilization helps promote plant growth and maintain plant health. Speaking of health, did you know that by applying fertilizer, you are enriching the soil? This is vital if the soil that your lawn is growing in has a mineral deficiency. In addition, you can greatly reduce and over time eliminate weeds with consistent fertilization of your yard and plants.

Because of the importance that fertilization applications have towards the growth and well-being of your lawn, we offer the residents and commercial property owners of the Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK communities this vital, scheduled service.

The Difference Between Dry, Slow Release, & Water Soluable Fertilizer Types

When it comes to fertilizer there are three main types to choose from:

  • Dry: As the name implies, this fertilizer must be applied in dry conditions. Dry fertilizer is best used in gardens.
  • Slow Release: This fertilizer releases nutrients at a more gradual pace, allowing for maximal plant growth with less frequent fertilization.
  • Water Soluble: This type of fertilizer is mixed with water and applied via spraying plants or the lawn. Water soluble fertilizer gives plants immediate access to nutrients.

How often does fertilizer need to be applied for optimum results and why at that frequency?

Fertilizer should be applied 3-4 times throughout the growing season. At Yardbirds Pest & Lawn, we use a truck and hose combination to spray lawns under 10k sqft. For lawns 15k sqft. ride-on equipment is used to accurately and evenly apply fertilizer across a larger area. During the warmer summer months, a push spreader is used to disperse granular fertilizer. Then, in late fall, a winterizer fertilizer is applied.

One common question, when it comes to fertilizer applications, is this: Why is it applied at this sort of interval? The answer is simple. To avoid over-fertilization. If plants receive too many nutrients at once, overfertilization can occur. So, by applying fertilizer every 6 weeks, plants have time to absorb and use all the nutrients before their next fertilizer application.

7 Application Lawn Weed Control & Fertilizer

Treatments are every 5-6 weeks. General plant health care programs will be on this schedule as well.

7 Application weed control and fertilizer

4 Application Home Pest Barrier Package

Treatments are every 12 weeks.

4 Application Home Pest Barrier Package

5 Application Flea & Tick Control

Treatments are every 5-6 weeks.

5 Application Flea & Tick Control

3 Application Flea & Tick Prevention

Treatments are every 12 weeks.

3 Application Flea & Tick Prevention Package

Mosquito Control Package

Treatments are every 3 weeks.

Mosquito Control Package

Annual Grub Prevention

1 treatment annually. Guaranteed to stop grubs, armyworms, and other insects that damage turf by feeding.

Annual Grub Prevention

The fertilization process in the areas of Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK begins in January-February and goes through December.

Fertilizer applications for new versus old lawns.

One of the biggest differences between fertilizing a new and old lawn is the frequency of fertilization. New lawns need quite a bit of both fertilizer and water immediately after being sodded. To start with, new lawns can be fertilized as frequently as every 2 weeks. The biggest caution when it comes to old lawns is to take a gradual approach to fertilizer applications and to avoid over-fertilization.

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Yardbirds Pest & Lawn has been servicing the Norman, Moore, and Newcastle, OK area since 2012. Our licensed experts service residential as well as commercial properties, and we offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee on all services. For a free quote, contact us today at (405) 928-8103.

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